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 temples of belur and halebid

While your stay at Gopi’s farm you will have an opportunity to visit some of Karnataka’s most famous temples, Belur and Halebidu are the famous magnificent pieces of art and architecture of the Hoysalas .It is just half an hour's journey from the farm and presents a good detour.

Halebidu was the 12th-century capital of the Hoysalas . The temples in Halebidu are known for their intricate stone carving and magnificent centuries old temples , taking you back in time to one of glory and magnanimity .The town gets its name from the lake, Dhwara samudhra which means ocean’s entrance . The two Nandi statues which are on either sides of the Hoysaleshwara temple are monolithic .Many sculptures in have been destroyed due to continual invasions and were destructed by invaders. Halebidu means old city or basically a ruined empire and like the name ,that’s all is left of it in the present times though one can observe with what is left the abundance of wealth and appreciate the glory and grandeur of the period . The walls of the temple are covered with an endless variety of depictions from Hindu mythology, animals, birds and Shilabalikas or dancing figures and not one is known to have repeated.

The chennakeshava temple was completed in 1116 by the Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana to commemorate his victory over the Cholas. It took 103 years to complete. The facade of the temple is filled with intricate sculptures and friezes-with no portion left blank explaining their perfection and artistic talent. Elephants, episodes from the epics, sensuous dancers nothing was left uncarved. These temples are worth a watch and are even better when available so close to the farm.

All this and more can be relished at a leisure and probably more than one visits can be made to these magnificent temples due to its reachability from our Home stay